Crystalynn Meyer

I’m a web designer and developer who got my start as a hobbyist back in 2000. With only a high school HTML class under my belt, I built my first (horrible) websites. When the full implementation of CSS hit the internet, I began to teach myself how to build websites that looked good. After years of study and practice I found my first job designing and coding websites and since then it’s been my passion. I enjoy a career in web design and development because it’s always challenging and evolving in new ways.

I love living in Utah because of both the beautiful scenery and the ever-growing technology industry. I’m currently based in Spanish Fork where I live with my husband and 2 year-old daughter. When I’m not coding websites, I’m reading any sci-fi or fantasy books I can get my hands on or writing my own novels. My passions tend to run very nerdy and my My Little Pony figures stand tall next to my World of Warcraft patches.